Winter Essentials/Tips = Blogmas Day 1

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on my blog. My last post was all about Autumn and I figured as December is literally upon us I thought I would share my winter essentials and tips.

  1. Exfoliate. I cannot stress this enough, its not something many people do. But it will make the biggest difference. Our lips tend to get dryer in the colder season, I myself make sure to have lip balm EVERYWHERE. My lips get flaky and  I immediately exfoliate my lips. I like to use sugar and coconut oil. If you want you can use a toothbrush to exfoliate but make sure the toothbrush isn’t too hard.
  2. Hydrate and Moisturize. This is so important to do so, all year long for that matter. Drinking 8 glasses of water is so beneficial for you skin and giving you that perfect glowing skin. You may have not known this but drinking lots and lots of water can help clear pimples and reduce the look of dark circles. And moisturize, like our lips can get dry does our body and face. I love using Aveeno, its great for sensitive skin and its really moisturizing.
  3. Classic Christmas Scents. You have to take a trip to Bath and Body Works and smell everything. It can be intimidating to some, but its such a great store. I picked up quite some stuff, it was Black Friday and all the deals were going down. There are many stores that sell traditional scents but BBW in my opinion has great scents and is affordable. I find that having Christmas scents, well its just pretty awesome. 🙂 If you must know I had purchased twisted peppermint. And looking on BWW website it describes twisted peppermint as “Cool peppermint with a whimsical twist of sugar & vanilla makes the season bright!” My mum hates this scent I couldn’t buy it last year because she hates it but I begged her  yesterday. And I finally got it! pBBW1-21698287v275.jpgpBBW1-21698268v850.jpgpBBW1-17440889v850.jpg
  4.  Room Decor! With no shame I was that person who decorated in the second week of November. I had to stop listening to Christmas music because I thought I would be sick of it by December and have no joy of the festive music. Which would have been such a shame. I have so many festive things in my room, in case if you wondering I had made little posters of frosty. If you know who Frosty is you are one cool fella! 🙂 I also took Christmas cards and taped them around my room. It’s so simple but adds such a great touch. And you can’t forget Christmas lights. I am such a loser , I keep Christmas lights in my room all year round. But I have no shame in all honesty.
  5. Christmas Music! If you don’t listen to Christmas music, we can’t be friends. 🙂 No but seriously you have to listen to Christmas music. I have been religiously singing to baby it’s cold outside. To all my Toronto babes 98.1 is ONLY playing Christmas music. How exciting, word on the street  Michael Buble has an amazing Christmas album.286322_10150260736029157_9053564156_7621742_1110732_o.jpg
  6. Christmas Movies! I love Christmas movies. My all time favorite is Home Alone, I prefer the first one then the second one. But everyone I know says the Hone Alone: Lost in New York is so much better. But I disagree. The hallmark channel has a bunch of Christmas movies being played all day. I had spent my entire evening watching 2 Christmas movies, my dad was like great next time would you clean the dishes with all that free time you had.  I had went to Best Buy yesterday and Home Alone was only $4.99. Totally purchased it so I can watch it all year long. Last year I many have overdone myself with watching it everyday. Instead of watching it by yourself get together with family and friends.


I hoped you guys enjoyed my winter essentials/tips. I’m so excited that winter is upon us. I think my next post will be showing you my planner and how I’m going to be making my spread all festive like. I think this time of the year is so amazing  because everything around us is so beautiful. The salvation army is collecting money and please don’t forget to donate. It’s so much better to give then receive. The holiday time may seem like getting presents but its so much more. Spread the love and cheer by donating or giving food to a homeless shelter. It will make your day a lot brighter.

Lots of Love, Sonia




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