Perfect Winter Outfit: Blogmas Day 3

Welcome back! Day 3 of Blogmas. How exciting!!!! So today I thought I would write the perfect outfit. A lot of you seem to like these types of posts and the last one I did was in summer so why not do it in winter. This will be a one brand look. Anyways lets get started!

When looking at what someones wearing I instantly look at there top, so as the weather gets colder I thought I would have a sweater. So for the top I picked out an Ardene sweater.

Top: Beige Knit Sweater


I love this sweater because it soft, and its not the itchy kind. I think the design is simple so its not in your face. Although it’s still quite festive .


I don’t like to wear jeans but on a day out in town I think jeans are a  must have. I thought dark jeans would be the best pick with rips and the knees. 14198675-9446-01jpg.jpg14198675-9446-02jpg.jpg

I like how the rips are not to excessive and how its just a simple rip. If you live where its cold, well you won’t get cold with way to many rips. If you can’t wear ripped jeans then substitute for basic dark jeans which is just as good.


I saw these brown pairs and I instantly picked them. I love how they have a heel but also with the laces  and the short boot style. 14195521-9640-01jpg.jpg


Bundle up! Hats are such a cute statement, when I was younger I had to wear ugly hats that would actually keep your head warm. 14197714-9430-01jpg.jpg

I thought this hat was super cute, it really complements the hat in my opinion.

So that is it for Blogmas Day 3! I really hope you found inspiration and you don’t need to buy these things work with what you have in your closet or do a DIY on an old sweater. I think there are lots of way to spice up an outfit and make them all fun. Thanks so much for reading my post, check back tomorrow 🙂

Lots of love, Sonia




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