Morning Routine: Blogmas Day 6

Hello Everyone! So welcome back to my blog. Today I will be sharing my morning routine. I pretty much have a schedule that I stick with but the only thing is I wake up at a different time each day. So one day might be 5:30 am the other might be 7:00 am. It really depends. Anyways lets get started.

The first thing I immediately do is go to my bathroom and take a shower. I wash my face with my face wash in the shower as well. I have been recently using an Aveeno body wash, because my skin is super dry and so I like to retain the moisture. After hopping out of the shower I will then brush my teeth. I will also quickly wash my face, but this time I don’t use my face wash.

After my shower, I will then pick my outfit. I honestly will take forever, a lot of people tell me to pick an outfit the night before but when I do that I’ll change my mind in the morning. In the middle of picking my outfit I will moisturize and apply lip balm. I have dry skin and so I immediately need lotion. Especially as the weather gets colder.

I will then hop downstairs and have breakfast. I have been slacking on drinking milk lately. But I typically have cereal, but recently I have been having corn. I also would have pancakes with a hot chocolate. Possibly the weirdest combination. Whilst I eat I would be watching the news.

When finish eating I then run upstairs to do my bed, and start my makeup. I do indeed where makeup to school. I personally feel more confident, and I know a lot of people don’t approve of makeup being the way to confidence. But we all have our opinions. My makeup consists of…… – concealer  – powder (sometimes) -blush – mascara – brow gel (sometimes) -bronzer (sometimes) – I like to do a bit of baking which is also sometimes  -Eyeliner (sometimes) When I say sometimes I really mean like every few months. I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore bronzer.

So after makeup I do my hair, I am not big on my hair so I usually have it up in a ponytail. I curl my hair once in a while #heat and I sometimes straighten too.

After my hair is done I put on my coat and get out the door. I usually leave around 7:50- 7:56

So that is my morning routine, I hoped you guys liked it. And again sorry for no post yesterday. i did tweet about saying how I might be posting late but that turned out to be not posting at all. But anyways hoped you guys liked my morning routine. Tomorrows post will be my holiday room tour so get excited. I needed a few things for my room and I finally got them so now I can take my pics. So get excited. I will see you guys tomorrow.

Lots of love, Sonia


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