Perfect Gift For Her: Blogmas Day 5

Hey Guys! It feels like I haven’t been posting in forever. So in today’s post I will be sharing the perfect gifts for her. These are items you can get for you family members, friends and even yourself. I know I’m going to be buying these things. I hope this gives you inspiration for your Christmas shopping. Let’s get started!


I think a Polaroid camera is  such a great gift, this is a bit pricey but I think its so worth it. Its such a fun way to capture memories, and you can make a collection and post them on your wall.


Starbucks! I love the bae, I have an addiction to it. Now this item is not necessarily for a girl. It could be for anyone. I think that this guest is the best option if your stuck, you really can’t go wrong. Just make sure that the person does like Starbucks. If not Starbucks opt for Tim Hortons (etc)



In school we would always have Secret Santa and if I ever got a girl I immediately would go to BWW. They have such a variety of things, it is hard to pick which scent you think they’d like. But I just always go with the classics. You can even buy a set which they do wrap.


If its gotten to the point where you have no clue what to get a box of chocolate it never hurts anyone.


Makeup is another alternative for a gift, even if your on a budget. Go to the drugstore, theirs a variety of makeup products.


Christmas is not about how big or expensive something is. Make a card, or decorate a snowmen. Anything really, getting a gift does not mean your obligated to buy something. Its truly the thought, and I know it sounds really cheesy but is so true.

Thanks for reading today’s post. I am so sorry BLOGMAS DAY 5 is going on a day 6. But I mean 2 posts in a day 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog. Until tomorrow.

XOXO Sonia





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