Packing/Anxiety Tips

Hello, Hello! Today I am going to be giving a bunch of travel tips, I love to travel and 2016 I have made it a mission to do it more. Haven’t you heard the quote “Do what you love and do it often”. I am one to travel a lot and so I am doing it this year. Now can anyone guess where I am going? Big hint, Indian accent. Okay, okay, I am going to India. I am so excited to embark on this adventure with my dad. I can hardly contain my excitment. As I much the feeling of being on a plane, I suffer with travel anxiety big time. As you know, I suffer with panic and anxiety attacks and they suck. I never dealt with travel anxiety until I was 12. I’ve only experienced turbulence once and that was when I went to India.  So when I go again, I know that’s all I’ll be thinking about. Not only that I will be giving you some of my best packing tips. I know this is weird but I love to pack, just love it! I sometimes pack and unpack because I love it that much. 🙂 So while I’ve done that, I’ve learned quite the life hacks.

So starting of with packing tips. I know it can be stressful travelling especially on long haul flights which I will be doing. From Canada to India will be quite the challenge. First off rather than having a direct flight, have one stop. It will reduce the stress because you aren’t on a plane for 18+ hours. I am going to be going to England and than India because during my stop I can eat something and I can use proper bathroom facilitates.

When packing, I recommend rolling your clothes because it will allow you to save space. And don’t worry it will prevent wrinkles. Not only that, bring what you NEED. That’s right folks no over packing, you will thank me later if you use this tip.

Typically airlines only permit 2 carry on’s. One on the overhead compartment and the other one under your seat. So be practical, bring things that you’ll use during your flight. For instance, a blanket planes are always cold and so a blanket will be your best friend. Next MUST HAVE is packing extra clothes, better to be safe than sorry. Pack an extra outfit with extra garments because you don’t want to lose your luggage and then realize you have NO CLOTHES. So be prepared for anything. I know a lot of people use packing cubes from eagle creek. And before you even start packing for your holiday create a too do list, trust me it will be a life saver. Have you went on holiday and forgot the most logistical things such as PJ’S or sunglasses.

Things to keep you occupy:

  1. Record a travel diary. I am so doing this and it will be my first time. Record those special moments right from the start. From packing for your trip to arriving to the airport. Document EVERYTHING and place all your video clips together to create something so special you can’t believe you did all these things in your adventure.
  2. Keep tv shows and movies on your phone or laptop. As this is an obvious sometimes you needed to catch up on your shows, don’t do it before you go for vacation do it on your flight. Those long hours will turn in to, ‘wow this flight was so short”.
  3. Download all your music, sometimes you might want to cancel out all the background noise so having music will be perfect. If you suffer with anxiety be certain the music your listening to is your ideal music that calms you.
  4. Read. I am one book worm, as a little kid I would always bring books but never read them. I can’t stand reading novels on a plane. So instead my mom bought me a couple of magazines and I loved that. It kept me occupied because I would be starring at Selena Gomez. Lol. But on my flight this time, I am bringing magazines and the Khloe Kardashian book because I read a little bit and I loved it. I think the book embody’s of what I want to become. And reinventing yourself on vacation will only bring good. A good detox.
  5. Write.When I get tired of reading, why not write. Write down all your goals whilst on your holiday. And see if you can do them. Also your mood, thoughts and stresses. Pretend they don’t exist and to do that write them down. 
  6.  Pamper. Whilst on the plane, their’s not much you can do in the sense you typically  have no wifi and can’t go to starbucks. You are quite limited, so have a small pamper session. Travelling is stressful, so relax. Use a face mask anything really, being on a plane is super drying for your skin. I’m sure you don’t want break outs whilst on holiday so take good care of your skin.
  7. Refresh Yourself. Ask the flight attendants for a glass of water to help replenish your skin, and once your getting closer to your destination. So like 30-45 mins before you arrive, refresh yourself. I HATE plane bathrooms but I think that quickly washing your face, brushing your teeth, using deodorant and changing your clothes can be the most satisfying thing. Plus whilst on vacation I know some people in India that will be picking me up and because I haven’t seem them on forever it might be a good idea to look presentable.

So these are my tips whilst travelling on holiday and don’t worry while I work on a travel diary, there will be several of photos to post here on my blog. I am so excited to embark on this journey with my dad. I can’t even express how excited I am. India is such a beautiful place and its the reason I keep coming back, I know India wouldn’t be the number 1 travel destination but I think it can be a huge eye opener. Especially for a new year and new month. And in case you are wondering I am travelling to India for about 3 weeks and I am most excited, as it seems like a  long time on holiday the time I spend will go by so fast by the time I open my eyes from blinking one adventure will have closed and the other will have opened.


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