Living A Better Life: Self Love

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog, as you can see I once again changed the style of my website. Anyways I have created a series called Self Love and I thought of it today after watching a YouTube video. And don’t worry I will link it at the end. So today’s post is a way to live a better life. These are just ideas and I am personally trying to live my life this way because I embody positive mind, body and soul. So hopefully these tips are useful to you.

The Morning:

  1. Wake up early, you’d be suprise on how your mood changes. The only reason why people don’t like mornings is because its early and your probably tired. Every Monday’s I wake up 5am and have a morning workout. If you saw my 2016 goals you would know that. (And I am working on a post on how to wake up early without being tired)
  2. Exercise, if you suffer with anxiety exercise helps with that. Not only that, I personally exercise not to lose weight but to clear my mind when I get stressed and just have time for myself. The bonus part is losing weight and getting fit while I have time for myself.
  3. Visualize your day ahead, I think is such a cool thing to do. Tell yourself you will achieve something great today, this will only strive for success and happiness. Whatever I desire can become a reality which is crazy.
  4. Take time to get ready, sadly but truthfully we are judged for the way we look. So take time to look good this will give yourself a good impression but also make your fell confident.
  5. Make time for yourself, do the things that make you happy. IF you love to do something you will always find time to do it. This is so true, I love singing and even when i’m at my busiest I still manage to make time for it. In the morning I like to listen to music and sit down and drink my coffee. I find this so relaxing and a great way to start off my day.

The Day

6.  Smile, smiling will actually make your mood brighter, Its the truth, I dare you to smile. Give someone a smile, you don’t know what others are going through and a simple smile might make there day. Its free and has a positive impact.

7. Put priorities first, I tend to avoid all the hard stuff but when I do I don’t feel good about it and I surely feel more stressed. I think that we opt for procrastination but what good comes from it. Set yourself a to-do list.

The Evening

8. Family time, if you have your own family spend time with them, see how there day was. Think of it as if t was there last day on earth. You would want to spend time with them.

9. Tidy Up, with our crazy schedules we for surely create mess. So tidy up in the evening a tidy place will make you feel structured and you’ll probably feel like a boss.

10. Review your day, as you visualized your day in the morning see how you spent it. Did you accomplish your goals today? Wind down and see what your day was like, it will help you for the next day as well.

11. Sleep at a reasonable time, if your going to wake up early sleep early. Its a no brainier, I would say I sleep around 10:00 or 10:30 ish. Around this time which is reasonable and I only wake up 5am once a week.

So these are my tips to live a better life, as I am on this journey I thought it would be only fair to bring you guys along. Hopefully you enjoyed this, see you soon.




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