Study Tips 2016

Hi Everyone! Today I thought I would share some of my study tips and tricks. As I’ve been in school for a while I’ve picked up some tricks along the way. So without further of do, lets get started. I also wanted to apologize for not posting as often as I should. I promise I’ll be posting more!

  1. First tip, plan a schedule. This may seem so simple but I can not stress how crucial this is. I have done this so many times and its really helped me.
  2. 2. Next tip, if your trying to memorize something say it while you write it down. This would be my only tip that I would want your guys to keep. I can not stress how this one actually works.
  3.   Pretend your teaching someone whatever your trying to know/memorize. What I tend to do is get a whiteboard and pretend I am a teacher teaching a lesson. As silly as it sounds it does and it’s I can say its gotten me an extra boost on my tests.
  4. Create a study list. Figure out what topics, definitions you need to know. After you know the content put a check mark beside it. While studying a new content go back and review the ones you already check marked to see if you still remembered it.
  5. Don’t test yourself right away. As knowing the all the stuff on a test can make you feel on the top of the world, its not worth it when you forget it the next day. Memorize something, once you got it down read something else then test yourself. This will allow your brain some gap so when you test yourself you can realistically see what you remembered.
  6. Space it out. Break everything down into little small sections. Like a big burrito you can’t eat it all a once, you slowly take your time.
  7. Take breaks. Like anything, it’s tiring doing the same thing constantly. So cut yourself some slack. Set timers for certain periods of time. And when the timers up have a small 10 minute break.

So that’s it for today’s post. These are some of my tips that I find really helpful during a test. Let me know if you find them helpful as well. Until next time.


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