Selena Gomez Concert Experience: Revival Tour ♡ Sporadic Summer

Selena-Gomez-Revival-Tour-Style.jpgHello,Friends! Happy Canada Day! Today is all about my queen Selena Gomez. I fricken love her she is my ultimate women crush everyday. Today I want to talk about my experience at her Revival show in Toronto on May 25 at the Air Canada Centre. I have been a Selenator since I was 4 years old and I am not exaggerating my first concert was Selena (We Own The Night Tour). Now being 13 nothing has changed, she has only strengthened me. I’ve never met Selena but one day I will and we’ll laugh, smile and talk. Anyways this post is all about the things I loved about the show and the things I wish could’ve happened. This is no hate towards Selena as I absolutely adore her. She was my first album first, concert and my love for her has not changed a bit since the start.

  1. The first thing that I loved about the show was the start, Selena was behind a curtain and flashing images of her with the audio of revival playing as the start to the show. This brought anticipation as everyone was waiting to see Selena.
  2. Her vocals were off the roof, if you don’t think Selena can sing go to her show she’ll prove you wrong. Selena is talented and knows what she can and cannot do with her voice and the album and tour reflects what her voice can do. During the end of slow down Sel reaches for that high note which she slayed.
  3. The costumes, let’s just take a moment to appreciate her stylist Chris Classen. My least favorite outfit was probably the first one which is the cream outfit. However the black one is so pretty. Already two months into the tour she has new outfits and I love all except the one for act 5. Personally I don’t like fur coats but her leotard was gorgeous.
  4. I truly wished Selena talked more during the show the longest she spoke was during act 3 where she sang who says. The last time I saw her was in 2012 so I kinda wished she talked more you don’t get to see you idol everyday.
  5. As well I wish the show was a bit longer I would say it was about an hour and a half, I would’ve preferred it being two hours.
  6. I admired the set list, I felt she started off with her classic hits and moved on with a low key vibe for act 2 and slowed it down on act 3. And brought it back during act 4 with me and my girls. And I just loved how she started with revival and ended the show with it I just thought that was really cool and different.

Here are my pictures:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, defiently something different from my usual posts. I am so glad to be back here on my blog once again. As my life got really stressful with school but here I am back on summer vacation and ready to work on new things for you guys. Starting this Monday I will be starting my July series called “Sporadic Summer” as I will be posting weekly but its a casual thing.  I will be back with another post on Monday!

Lots of love, Sonia







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