Morning Routine ♡ Sonia T

Hello Everyone!

I hope your having a lovely day whenever your reading this and want to send positive thoughts my way to all of you. Today I wanted to write about my typical morning, to be quite honest I love the mornings something about the morning time gives me a kinda rush where I feel unstoppable

So the first thing I do after my alarm wakes me up is have a lye in for a bout 3-5 minutes, I generally wake up between 5-7 A.M..

I tend to take a shower and then eat but I am slowly trying to have breakfast and then eat. So I will head downstairs and make something to eat, because school is so intense I no longer eat in the morning which is not a good thing. Since its the new year, my goal is to eat breakfast. I usually make oatmeal, English muffin, omelette, waffles and sometimes pancakes. I enjoy eating my breakfast with something calm to watch so I generally put on a show called “Good Witch” I highly recommend watching it.

After finishing my breakfast I will head upstairs and take a shower. I usually shave my legs, wash my face and brush my teeth and of course wash my body.

Now that my shower is finish, I head to my room and get dressed. And you’ve probably guessed that I take forever to figure out what I want to wear because I don’t pick my outfits the night before. It generally takes me 20 minutes to pick something to wear and sometimes 5 minutes before I have to leave the house I’ll change.

After I’ll head back down and just relax and do last minute things like pack my bag, and print out homework. I have been awful at packing lunch and since September I’ve been buying lunch like crazy. So I also make lunch, and then I place it in the lobby/ main hall.

After finishing my last minute tasks I’ll head up to my room and start my makeup. I keep it quite simple, I do light foundation, sometimes concealer, blush, sometimes bronzer and mascara and of course setting powder.

When my makeup is done its generally time to head out to school so I put on my coat and shoes and head out the door.

So this is my typical morning routine, some days I won’t get out of bed until 7:00 but on days that I wake up before 7 this is what my morning looks like.  I love the mornings, because I live with my family it can be challenging to have time for yourself. I find the mornings a great way to start the day. Thanks for reading this post, see you soon!

Sonia T


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