Life Lessons I Learned This Week

Hi  everyone!

Today I wanted to do a different post that I’ve never done before. I was recently reading Polina Bereogova’s blog and fell in love. I watch her vlogs all the time and on every day I decided to check out her blog and was so inspired to do a post where I take about what happened each day in my life for one week and talk about the life lessons I’ve learned. Anyways let’s get started…

This Week #1 – first week of January                Week before school starts again!


Okay I woke up early because in a weeks time I’ll be at school. Thinking about school is stressing me out because I procrastinate a lot. And I’ve had a stressful school year and this was my first time off and so I took a well rested back. And in all honestly I’ve spent the last week waking up at 10:30 ish which has been ruining my “days off” routine. So right now it’s the morning, I woke up at 9:45… It’s the evening now and I have not been productive at all. It’s currently 7:52 in the evening and I might try to get some work done. I have a lot of positive thoughts for tomorrow as I think I’ll be quite productive. Also I watched the amazing spider man and the Lizzie McGuire movie today. Anyways sending myself encouragement for tomorrow. Good night ✨

Tuesday: I CAN’T DO IT…

It’s currently 2:45 in the afternoon and I have been slowly getting my work done, I’ve been trying to be productive but its quite hard because I haven’t been in a routine and I’ve been lazy for a whole week which is now catching up to me. I wanted to come here and write to you guys hopefully finding some motivation to work. I have at least 10 assignments to get done and I’m barely working on one now. Wish me luck.



Wednesday was such a blur its currently Thursday and I can’t remember how I spent my day. From what I recall I got my English homework done so that’s good and a essay all done.

Thursday:  EXAM STRESS

Okay, so its currently 9:54 in the night and I’m currently stressing about exams that are 2 weeks from today, I have 4 exams that are near the end of January and I haven’t started studying. From snap-chat I’ve seen my friends starting to study and I’m still finishing my homework, so I got all my science homework done. Except one thing because I didn’t have access to a computer.


Today I spent the entire day relaxing, I spent about an hour singing and just getting lost in the world. I later just had a chill day watching Netflix because i know i won’t get this chance again anytime soon. My life will be crazy again next week and I was home alone today so I had “me time”.

Saturday: I DONT KNOW

I had plans to go to the mall but endless to say it didn’t work out however, I just relaxed once again and took it easy.


Okay okay, tomorrow is school. I REPEAT TOMORROW IS SCHOOL. I’m not that stressed, its currently 8:55 in the evening I’ve had my dinner and done all my homework. Right now, I’m not as stressed as I was 3 or 4 hours ago. I’ve managed to get all the small bits done that needed to be done and I just left till the last minute. All I have to do now is organize everything into my binders and make sure I have everything I need for class tomorrow. Pray for me 🙂


  • The first lesson I learned this week is say in routine or at least some type of one. Last week I was in no routine at all, waking up late, being lazy and forgetting about my schoolwork. In all honesty when I was doing my homework I had no idea what to do because I forget everything I learned which is not good. So I learned stay in some sort of routine when I’m off, it can be any kind of routine that doesn’t require me on a bed 24/7.
  • Don’t leave things to the last minute, I think everyone does this at some point where they leave something important till the last minute. At least I’m giving myself 4 days to get the job done. However, knowing myself I should’ve been smart and started from first week I was off.
  • Have fun when its appropriate, even though I was working on my assignments I was procrastinating in between and during while I was working. I would put on Switched at Birth which I’m currently obsessed with on and watch it. Which isn’t ideal for someone trying to get things done.
  • Don’t take time for granted. I was blessed with getting 2 weeks off and needless to say I wasted it. I mean there wasn’t much I could’ve done I just took it easy but wasn’t;t doing anything proactive and now looking back at my two weeks off i wish I spent it differently. Not only taking my time for granted was the issue it was also not planning ahead.

So these were my lessons I learned this week, its currently Sunday and I have school tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to but I know I’ll be okay. Thanks for reading.



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