Toronto ♡ Sonia T

Hello hello! It has been a hot minute since I’ve been here on my blog. 2017 I told myself I would do more of what makes me happy and that is blogging. I’ve been gone for a little bit due to school however, I have so much more free time due to the courses I have this semester. I like most of my teachers so far although I still don’t know them that well. Today I’m back with another post, this past weekend I had actually driven to downtown Toronto and snapped a couple of pics. The last time I had been was in December so it’s definitely been a needed trip to take.

Toronto is such a lovely place and I most definitely find it such a calming yet busy atmosphere. This weekend was such amazing weather it really felt like spring, and I won’t lie to you, today I am bringing out the spring decor. I mean the snow is gone, and that only calls for one thing as I’m sure you all know. I actually was having a horrible day when I went to town and yet I managed to keep my head up. This day was absolutely the worst day of 2017 so far however, I pushed through it. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this post and looking through the photos I got to capture. The pictures do not do it justice, Toronto is an incredible city with so many welcoming people.

Until next time, Sonia


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