2017 Update ♡ Sonia T

Hello, hello!

I wanted to quickly let you guys know that I will be posting at least two times a month for 2017. I already have two blog posts scheduled and ready to be posted for January so get excited! My posting schedule will generally be Sunday, Monday or Wednesday. And my first post will be on January 1st so be on the look out for that post.

See you tomorrow!

Sonia T


Christmas Tag ♡ Blogmas Day 6

Hi everyone,

welcome back to my blog, today is Blogmas Day 6 and I am so flippin excited and cannot believe that there is one month left till 2017. Rather than thinking about 2017 lets get through the holidays first. Today I thought I’d start off with the Christmas tag, last year I did the winter tag which was requested by one of you and now I’d thought I’d do the Christmas tag.

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

  • This is such a hard thing to pick but to be honest I don’t think I have an ultimate one. There’s the classics of course that I watch every year like Home alone and ELF but I absolutely love the hallmark channel. They constantly have films running gon tv that I love watching it makes me feel all “homey” so anything from that tv network I really love.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Yes, always I’m from Toronto and so many people refer to Canada as the “North Pole” and to be quite honest it sometimes feels like it. Last year I didn’t have a white Christmas sadly, but I have in the past and its magical.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

  • Generally at home with my family, but one year I went to Walt Dinsey world which is a dream of mines to go and that dream came true in 2014. I also want to spend the holidays in New York because I think it’s one of the best times to go and the lights are all out on the streets. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

4. What is your favourite Christmas song?

  • I don’t have in particular so I’m gonna list a bunch
  • Sleigh Ride – Pentaonix
  • It the most wonderful time of the year – Andy Williams
  • Ariana Grande her entire Christmas album

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

No, but I am guilty of opening them and re-wrapping them because I can’t wait to find out what I got for Christmas.

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Let’s see… Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen .. thats all I know

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

  • Making the most of the holidays, giving back and being more appreciative of everything that I have and just really enjoying this time of year.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?


9. What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat?

Gingerbread cookies and the Lindor reindeer chocolates.

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I think I like receiving gifts but I think that giving gifts is so much better because I love seeing my friends reactions to what I got them especially since I put so much thought and effort into the gift.


Thanks for reading today’s post check back soon for another Blogmas!


Hello, everyone! It has been quite a while since I’ve been here on my blog. The last time I posted was nearly the beginning of August. Lots have happened in my life, I’ve been in school again for nearly 3 months now and I’m so exhausted. Last year was my first time doing Blogmas and I know I didn’t post every day and I absolutely know I won’t be able to post every day but I do indeed want to make an attempt. I will guarantee a post once a week. Christmas is my favourite time of year and if I’m being completely honest I was decorating my room for the holidays on October 31st. I want to capture my holidays with you through my posts so be prepared to see new and much better content. My posts will go live at 9 A.M.

Much love, Sonia.T

Autumn ♡ Mylifeasonia

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I’ve done a blog, lots of things have happened in my life as I’ve started a new school and let me tell you the amount of homework I get daily is insane. However, I’ve made so many new friends and all in all its a new learning experience. Today I really wanted to do another autumn post as I had done one last year as many of you know autumn is my favourite right next to winter. This past weekend I was getting so excited to see people putting pumpkins outside their house and I can tell you I’m so ready for Halloween movies. If I’m being completely honest I did watch a Christmas movie two days ago and not gonna lie I was planning to watch another one. A little fun fact I actually decorated my room for fall in August, I know that seems crazy and I mean it was but I couldn’t wait to see the leaves falling and the weather feeling more cooler.

My Favourite Things About Fall!


















My Natural Everyday Summer Makeup Look ♡ Sporadic Summer


Hi, everyone! I’ve been wearing makeup every day for 2 years now and in these two years, I’ve discovered products I can’t live without. Summer especially can be quite challenging to find the perfect beauty regime as its always hot. For the most part, summer days are spent at the beach or even just outside in the sweaty weather. You’re quite lucky if you get a breeze with humid conditions. I try my best to stay away from makeup in summer but when I want to look like I’ve got my eight hours of sleep I’ll slap some makeup.

Here’s Some of What I Love:

Covergirl Stay Luminous Oil-Free Foundation (from the outlast collection)

  • You might be scared that this is a dewy foundation that might make you look more sweaty in the hot weather but fear not it gives a glow without making you look like a grease ball.

Mac Pro-Longwear Powder

  • I love MAC’s powders as they add some extra coverage, the long wear collection no doubt is quite popular. To ensure your face makeup doesn’t slip I love this powder because I know it keeps my “face in place” while I’m out and about.

NYX Liquid Suede

  • This range from NYX is so awesome, I recently purchased the shade soft-spoken and fell in love immediately it’s definitely a dark nude shade but with a darker pinker tone which I quite like. And wouldn’t generally go for, I guess I was quite experimental when I was throwing it in the basket.

MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Mascara

  • I like this product enough to wear it but it’s not one I would tell people to go buy, I say this because it’s a basic mascara and I know I could purchase better ones from the drugstore. Just because a product is higher end doesn’t necessarily mean its better than drugstore. I for one think drugstores sell some of the best mascaras, just sayin.


So these are some of the products I love and have been using during the summer, I noticed that I like a lot of drugstore but I feel like their products are great for summer as they feel lightweight on the skin. Let me know if you give any of these products a try as I would love to know what you thought. See you in my next post!

–  Sonia T


Rainy Days ♡ Sporadic Summer

Hi, Everyone! It’s so good to be sitting in my work room in my house typing away on my blog. I am aware I have vanished for these couple of weeks in July. However, as of today, it is no longer July but the first day of August. If I’m completely honest I’m quite excited for autumn as I may have brought the fall decor out and have started to light the candles. The weather in Toronto is quite lovely however about a week ago it was raining and I thought taking some photos in the rain would be quite lovely. So here are my pics in the rain, enjoy!




Living A Better Life:I Can And I Will ♡ Sporadic Summer

Hello, its me and happy Wednesday!

Hi guys its Sonia coming back with another post, I have been getting great feedback on my last posts and I couldn’t help but do another one because they’re almost therapeutic. Today I’ve had an average typical day but my evening took a left turn which has brought my mood down. I cried for a bit, proved myself right with the outcomes however, all I’m telling myself at this very moment  is that “I can and I will”.  My friends and even my family (some of them) don’t think I have the “brains” to accomplish certain things. They think I’m no competition and have no capacity to achieve something I struggle at. I’m not great at math, its a fact and even I know it. What hurts the most is that they all expect the worst from me and these are people who are meant to protect and nurture me. All I wanna do is just hide under a blanket.

I’ve dealt with depression.

And I’ll tell you its no fun, you close all the doors and leave one for yourself to be alone in. I would say I spent my entire 2013 school year depressed and thats the first time I realized I was struggling  mentally. I hate to admit this, I really do but I was jealous of so many things. Near the end of February I became depressed and all I did was watch tv and be in the dark and in 2015 I became the most laziest version of myself. My marks dropped in school and I just felt like a potato.

I’m not here to complain about my mistakes but let you guys know we can do anything if you work hard for it.

This world is crazy and its hard to balance our entire life whether its school combined with our social life or work and family.  I noticed that we tend to get caught up in the things we have to get done and forget to slow down. It often leaves us to feel like we are drowning. We always make time for the things that make us happy, I may have had a 10 page thesis essay do the next week but I would take time to do something that made me smile. Or else I would’ve gone crazy.

I think blogging has changed my life, I mean when I get inspired I tend to stop and write about it. I really just slow down the time and my mind and forget about the million other things I need to get done.

Thanks for checking out my blog, once again your support means the world to me.

Lots of love, Sonia